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Low-noise sprocket

Low-noise sprockets are applied to reduce the noise level

Low-noise sprockets are applied to reduce the noise level of the installations as much as possible. For example, they are used in sorting facilities, which are set up in large halls in which many people are employed.

The solution that K&W Transmissies has developed

The solution that K&W Transmissies has developed consists of a special plastic ring, which is installed on both sides of the teeth of the sprocket. K&W Transmissies makes this ring itself by cutting off a bar of special plastic and making this round. Then the plastic ring is attached and secured to the sprocket using a metal ring. Thus the first contact between the chain and the sprocket is not metal on metal, but metal on plastic. This technique reduces the noise by reducing the speed at which the chain meets the sprocket. Because the chain is picked up by the plastic ring, the roller of the chain is slowed in the tooth cavity of the sprocket. This ensures, so to speak, a “soft landing” for the roller. The metal consists of the linking plates of the chain, which are supported on the plastic ring, so that there is less contact between the rollers of the chain and the tooth cavities of the sprocket. By applying this special low-noise sprocket, noise reductions of 7-8 dB are obtainable. These sprockets can only be applied to conveyor chains. From a cost point of view, sprockets are usually the cheaper components and therefore it is more interesting to make the noise-reducing changes to the sprockets instead of to the relatively expensive chain.

Other noise-reducing measures


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