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Sprockets and gears are subdivided into: roller chains, plate wheels, conveyor chain sprockets, taper bushes, taper lock bushes, idlers, gears, bevel gears, gear racks and sprockets with splines.
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Large stock of standard sprockets

Sprockets partially determine the performance and lifetime of the chains. Therefore, K&W Transmissies supplies from its large stock the appropriate corresponding sprockets for all types of chains. This ensures a correct alignment between chain and sprocket and prevents differences in fit that may affect the overall life of the chain drive.

Sprockets and gears, own production facilities

Besides an extensive range of standard sprockets and gears, K&W Transmissies also manufactures sprockets and gears from solid materials completely according to customer-specific specifications. K&W Transmissies stands for customization and complete control of quality and delivery. To achieve this, K&W Transmissies has its own production facilities. High-quality technological equipment and machinery enable the manufacture of custom wheels from raw material or the modification of semi-finished products. The sprockets are manufactured in various models and are made of high-grade types of steel, but also of plastic or of stainless steel. Moreover, sprockets can be supplied with hardened teeth, with a protective layer of zinc, or chemically blackened.

Sprockets and gears, various models

Sprockets that are used for roller chains or conveyor chains have their own type of specifications. Moreover, sprockets for round link chains or drop forged chains must meet very specific requirements. Each sprocket has its own type of toothing suited to the character of the chain. K&W Transmissies has extensive knowledge and experience in producing sprockets and gears, which are optimally adapted to the demands placed upon them.

Sprockets and gears, options

For sprockets and gears, the following options apply:
  • Divided sprockets and plate wheels
  • Simplex, duplex of triplex sprockets and plate wheels
  • Plate wheels with slotted holes on pitch circle
  • Sprockets with lantern gear toothing
  • Zinc-plated sprockets, gears and gear racks
  • Plate wheels with tapered shaft
  • Sprockets and gears with bronze bushings
  • Bronze sprockets and gears
  • Sprockets and gears with POM plastic
  • Cast iron sprocketsbr
  • Stainless steel sprockets and gears
  • Sprockets and gears with hardened teeth
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