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DINN roller chain, commercial quality for when the price is the deciding factor

In addition to our A-brands roller chain, brands like HKK Chain and Wippermann roller chain of top quality, we also deliver roller chains in the DINN series, produced under the expertise and supervision of K&W Transmissies in China. If the price must be the deciding factor, this chain is a good alternative.

Read more about our Brands roller chains.

ScanCoveryTrial 2019

Once again, K&W Transmissies is sponsoring the ScanCoveryTrial.

Hans en Diana

Team 7,  Hans Ketelaar and Diana Hoolwerf will be driving the ScanCoveryTrial 2019 together for the first time. Hans gained experience during an earlier edition, and this made his wife so enthusiastic that he could not miss out on a joint participation. In their daily lives, Hans and Diana work together at their company K&W Transmissies as highly skilled chain specialists to provide Dutch machine builders with the perfect chain and matching customized sprockets.

Criss-crossing Scandinavia
Over a period of one week, the ScanCoveryTrial will crisscross beautiful Scandinavia. During that week, our Team 7 will drive over 7,000 kilometres, often through lots of snow and ice, in temperatures down to minus 47 degrees Celsius. The team will also visit the special destination in North of Norway. The 9th edition starts on Thursday, January 3th, and finishes on Saturday, January 12th, 2019. The route is similar to that of previous years, except for the special destination, which is top secret. The ScanCoveryTrial is definitely not a race or a rally competition but a car journey in which the strict observance of the traffic rules is essential for the entire trip.



Football is all about technique!

ElitE3K&W Transmissies supports ElitE 3 and therefore sponsors this football team. The AFC 34 friends team from Alkmaar has also been given the opportunity to recruit an ElitE professional for an indefinite period of time. Roy Pistoor, a multi-talent on and off the pitch, should make it easier for R. Mohr to achieve good results in the coming year.

Football is all about technique ... and action! These are aspects K&W Transmissies shares with ElitE3!

Maintenance-free high-performance chains for customised drive solutions

maintenance free chains 

The latest generation of high-performance chains Wippermann brand offers an even wider range of applications and is characterized by the high modularity of the components, which enables the configuration of the chain for customised drive solutions with optimum performance that are precisely geared to the customers’ requirements.

In particular the new polymer bearing TRIGLEIT II supplements the range of applications in corrosive environment, such as in the case of permanent water contact.

Read more about: Maintenance-free chains


Our six high-performance version cover a wide range of operational performance:

Wippermann brochure
Maintenance-free chains


Ooievaar 4Storks in Flevoland

Storks are gradually winning ground in Flevoland. For quite some years now they have no longer felt restricted to the "Natuurpark Lelystad" boundaries. Nowadays, you will find more stork couples outside of the park, while the younger birds fly south at the end of the summer and stay there over the winter.

Nevertheless, the storks could still use a little support. And for this reason K&W Transmissies has installed a nesting pole in its own garden. Exactly on March 1st this year, a new couple took possession of the nest, as shown in the picture. Once again, we can start monitoring the nesting of these magnificent birds from our windows!

When visiting K&W Transmissies, one should pay attention to the pylons along A6 where many storks have taken up their annual residence. You will see many storks flying in and out to finish their nests on time.

de familie Ooievaar die jaarlijks haar intrek neemt in één van de hoogspanningsmasten langs de A6. Volgens Boke is het op dit moment een drukte van jewelste aldaar.

Het is af en aan vliegen van ooievaars om hun nest op tijd klaar te krijgen. Het aantal nesten is nog het zelfde als verleden jaar, acht stuks. Het is een prachtig schouwspel deze Lelystadse ooievaars te aanschouwen boven op een hoogspanningsmast langs de A6 .'

Nice piece of steelwork!

Kettingwiel uit 1 stuk 1
For a large customer, K&W Transmissies produced two hub extensions with a diameter of 670 mm, of which the hubs and the disk had to be produced from solid material. For this piece of steelwork we bought two pieces of steel weighing 520 kg each! During the rough turning on one of our high-quality CNC machines, in which the large hub on the one side and the small hub on the other side and the bore were bored, 345 kilograms of shavings came out. Eventually, after the holes were milled on the pitch circle and a spline toothing was applied, the sprockets still weighed another 175 kilos each. The high tolerance requirement of the customer was the reason the sprockets were milled in this way. Due to high accuracy, the tolerance limit was only 0.005 mm; hence it could not be a welded construction.



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