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From a machine builder of large production lines that is active worldwide

“Naturally we would like to thank the entire K&W team for your (extra) efforts. We expect to continue to have busy/full year, in which we will certainly need you.”

Purchasing Department

From a sustainable energy company in North Holland

For some years now we have been purchasing various products from K&W Transmissies, which we as end users have profited from considerably. In particular, we appreciate the company’s commitment, its guidance and its excellent service, all of which have ensured the development of a pleasant cooperation.


Chain for old motorcycle

“Last week I stopped in for a chain for an old motorcycle.
It fits perfectly; I needed that half link.
Last weekend I rode Old Crocks (built in 1905) in Westhofen Germany and everything went well.
Thanks again for the good cooperation and prompt service.
As promised here are a few pictures.”


Gert 1
Gert 2
Gert 3


From an end-user in Lelystad

“Thank you very much for the gears and super-fast service. What a great company! Our jammed machine is running again now, so today we are able to ‘save’ a major order.”


From a member of the business association of Flevoland

“Yesterday I was one of your guests and was very pleased to get to know your wonderful company. As someone born and bred in Lelystad, I appreciate seeing how you have built – on what was once the seabed – such a nice international company and proudly and actively promote it."


From a major international manufacturer in Landgraaf

“I think that you are really doing well because of the fair, respectful and results-oriented manner with which you are doing business, and because of that K&W Transmissies will continue to flourish.”



K&W Transmissies B.V.
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