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The forged chain

Forged fork chains are typically used for bulk transport. The forged chains are available in different sizes, single or double-stranded versions, and with or without attachments. Depending on the situation, the circumstances and the capacity, the product specialists at K&W Transmissies can give tailored advice. Make your choice below.

Drive wheels and reversing wheels

K&W Transmissies manufactures the drive and reversing wheels for chains forged from solid material completely according to plan. Different tooth shapes, choices of materials, processing methods, polishing and curing processes are possible for these. Designs with for example screwed-on segments, welded-on segments, dual-sided hubs and segments in divided designs are all possibilities. Sprockets for fork link chains are available in both one-piece and two-piece designs and are almost always custom made.

Production, drop forged chains

The production of drop forged chains is an intensive process, which uses much energy is used. Each link is first cut from round bar and formed. Thereafter, each link is thoroughly heated and forged into the right form. This happens in heavy forging presses and also requires physical manpower. After this, the links are mechanically processed, after which they receive their final form.

Diverse models of drop forged chains

Depending on the application, one can choose the standard model such as, for example, 16MnCr5, 20MnCr5 and 42CrM04 or from a material that has a higher tensile strength or a higher corrosion resistance. If the chain must run at a certain angle, then one should choose oblique conveyance. For horizontal transport, the double-stranded chains are often interconnected with scrapers. The connecting pins are available in different designs and materials.




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