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Tooth chains

Tooth chains

Inverted tooth chains are characterized by high power density, quiet running and their suitability for high peripheral speed.

The type with rolling pivot joints has an important advantage compared to the tooth chain with bushings in that bearing and rolling pivots roll off one another. In contrast to bolt joints there is no sliding friction in the joints resulting in a high degree of efficiency. Wear and warming are minimized. Inverted tooth chains can be divided into different subgroups depending on the respective application.

Inverted tooth drive chains
Inverted tooth drive chains are the optimal solution for requirements exceeding those met by other chains (e. g. roller chains). They allow for low-backlash drives with exact positioning. They are also highly effective, inured to vibration and have minimal noise emission.

Inverted tooth conveyance chains
Inverted tooth conveyance chains are used for application with particularly high transport weights. They run very smoothly and quietly. These chains can optionally be supplied with standard plates, with a ground back, or with special plates.

High-performance inverted tooth chains
High-performance inverted tooth chains are manufactured with staggered individual plates. Rolling pivot joints ensure optimal smoothness of running and minimal sliding friction resulting in low wear and a long life cycle. Due to individual plate arrangements different widths other than the standard ones are also possible.

Inverted tooth chains with bushings
Inverted tooth chains with bushings differ from other inverted tooth chains because pin joints are used. The chain is designed with tooth plates arranged in pairs.

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Tooth chains



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