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HKK roller chains, a leader in new technology

Since its founding in 1916, HKK Chain has been the world leader in the development of new technologies for the production of roller chains. Innovation is paramount at HKK Chain. Partly because of the experience of the R&D team, the roller chains of HKK Chain are characterized by their world-class quality. By continuously applying new technological developments they attain the high level of technology and the exclusive quality of their roller chains. The mission of HKK Chain is to manufacture the world's highest quality roller chains, of which customers can take full advantage. HKK Chain has the ambitious aim to keep sales prices as low as possible, deliver on time and continue to yield optimal profitability for the customer. With customers all over the world, HKK Chain literally has a world-class product. Various sectors, such as agriculture, offshore, automotive, food, and the machine and plant industry, can firmly rely on the quality of the products of HKK Chain.


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