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K&W Transmissies supports and encourages charities and (sports) activities with its sponsorship. In this way, K&W Transmissies hopes to make a valuable contribution to society. We are sponsoring the following sports activities for the 2018-2019 season.


A team sport with horses!

Carrouselgroep de Poelenburg Ruiters

K&W Transmissies sponsors Carrouselgroep De Poelenburgh Ruiters. This fanatic group of riders, who have been competing in equestrian drill team events with great pleasure for more than 10 years, trains every week at Duinmanege van Poelenburgh. A drill team (or carrousel in Dutch) provides a fun way to ride horses as a team sport. During the maneuvers, the official name of the test, the teams perform the dressage figures riding several horses side by side. The maneuvers are set to music, whereby the rhythm of the music matches the gait of the horses (walk, trot or canter.



Football is all about technique!

ElitE3K&W Transmissies supports ElitE 3 and therefore sponsors this football team. The AFC 34 friends team from Alkmaar has also been given the opportunity to recruit an ElitE professional for an indefinite period of time. Roy Pistoor, a multi-talent on and off the pitch, should make it easier for R. Mohr to achieve good results in the coming year.

Football is all about technique ... and action! These are aspects K&W Transmissies shares with ElitE3!



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